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Are you seeing a guy and you're keen to know how to get him to love you? Have you been making attempts to get his love but haven't been succeeding? What period of time do you have to spend waiting for him to tell you that he loves you? Do you want to find out more about what do men want in a woman so you can take action? Here are some tips for getting a guy to love you.

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Guys have requirements when searching for a love match. It is not all about the physical side of things, despite what women think. If you really want to get a guy to fall in love with you then you must work out what do men want in a woman in order to be successful. Here are some of the factors that make a guy fall for a girl.

1. Good at listening. To answer the question of what do men want in a woman, being good at listening is one thing that makes a guy love a girl. Men like the thought of being able to talk with their partner about their issues. Being good at listening means having the ability to understand what your man is going through and being his shoulder to cry on. You don't have to be able to solve his problems, just as long as you are prepared to listen when he wants.

2. Being faithful. What do men want in a woman? Faithfulness is an important one. Mostly, it's the man who is unfaithful, however there are also some times when it is the girl that is unfaithful. It is always important to discuss with your man if you think that he is no longer able to provide the time you need instead of seeking it elsewhere and end up hurting your guy and ruining your relationship.

3. Have a strong character. Women are often seen as soft and weak and even if some are, there are others who have strength and the capability to handle things by themselves. These women are those who will not go to pieces when things are falling apart. Guys prefer to be with this kind of woman than with someone who will lose it at the slightest sign of an issue. If you are wanting to know what do men want in a woman, then a girl with strong character can be the answer.

4. An Attitude of being understanding: So what do men want in a woman? An answer is an attitude that is understanding. Being understanding is very important in a relationship. A relationship can be hell if a couple will not understand what their partner is doing. These misunderstandings often cause fights and in the end the break-down of the relationship. A break-up can be stopped if there is space for understanding one other.

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